August Update

This will be a quick report on what we've been up to lately.

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Generic Dragon Age Grey Warden picture

The month of July has been pretty busy, but we haven't been very vocal about it. Following the liberation of Anontia, the Wardens and other defender allies have been present at almost every single update in the past month. Specifically, there has been at least 1 operation for 87% of the updates in July. There were a total of 605 operations, including 5 liberated regions, 215 defended regions, and 385 detags, and we even broke the chase defence record on July 19th's Major Update with 41 chase defences that update.

tl;dr we did a ton of stuff

Participating Wardens

First Warden Vincent Drake
High Constable Deadeye Jack
Warden-Commander Altmoras
Warden-Commander Kingdom of Circle of Magi
Warden Sovreignry

July 2019 Operations

Regions Liberated: 5

Regions Defended: 215

Regions Detagged: 385

In War, Victory.
In Peace, Vigilance.
In Death, Sacrifice.

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