Chasing on Mobile Data

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Tech issues suck.

Hey, hey, we're still alive. Funny thing: my internet was down for the past 8 hours, and it only just came back now. So, I was forced to update while using my phone's data plan, which slowed me down a bit. This did not reduce our efficiency this, however. Black Hawks decided to do some tagging this major, but were bested by the updaters from Libcord. We'd like to thank the Hawks for continuing to what was presumably the end of their whole run (even if it was only half the update), however, despite the odds being against them due to only having a couple updaters (though there are ways to easily win against chasers even while outnumbered). We had fun and hope you did as well.

Side note: there was a slight bug that resulted in Vandoosa moving into a region Alder as it ceased to exist, causing him to be both inside and outside the region at the same time, creating weird behavior, which makes two technical issues which happened tonight.

Participating Wardens

First Warden Vincent Drake
Chamberlain Hired Contractor II
Warden Blight-Bane

Participating Allies

Twobagger from the Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization
Heliseum from The South Pacific Special Forces
Eritis from The South Pacific Special Forces

Regions Defended

The Homeland Defense League
United Union Republic
Warzone World
The Instrumental Alliance
Ros Empire
Epicc Kids
Coalition Of Western Reidenian States

In War, Victory.
In Peace, Vigilance.
In Death, Sacrifice.

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