R+S Re-Application

Rebels and Saints

Current World Assembly nation: Rebels and Saints

Are you known by any other names or aliases? If so, please list them here: Inygma, The Emerald Domain, R+S, R&S, EmDo, HF, Hamilton Fans, The Prince of Shadows, The Duke of Shadows, TDOS, Ser Lancelot, Lance, Rebels, RS, RaS, Shadow. 

What is your main region? (if applicable): The Order of The Gray Wardens

What is your Discord username (Name and numbers, I.e Tim#6442): TDOS#9233

Do you have any previous NationStates military experience, whether it be raider or defender? If so, please expand upon it here: Spent a very brief time with Lily and a very brief time with Grey Wardens, conducted/led a number of defender operations as Coordinator General of the United Nations of Liberalia.

How often are you available during the game's major update at 12 AM EST/EDT?: Almost always.

How often are you available during the game's minor update at 12 PM EST/EDT?: On weekends.

Do you play NationStates using a mobile device or a computer?: Mobile device mostly, computer when required.

Note: I was formerly, if very briefly, a Warden, and had intended to stay long-term and make the Order my main region. I left when I thought the situation in my old region may have cleared up and might be able to function again. Unfortunately, that region is now well and truly dead, mostly annexed by Hartfelden, so I'm back here.

Edit: Additional aliases.

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