The One With Manowar song names

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The Metal Warriors of the Grey Wardens, the knights of TITO and South Pacific, and the sell-sword named Greyview rode down the highway connecting cities of Kirkwall and Ostwick.

Their mission was simple, to seek out any darkspawn and to show them what The Oath of the grey wardens meant. As they rode the highway in the breezy autumn night, the Wardens could sense the presence of darkspawn and hear Drums of Doom.

The ground near them started to rumble, and multiple hurlocks emerge from underground led by an Alpha Hurlock, who's ready to commit Violence and Bloodshed. Ser Vincent, Ser HC, and Ser BlightBane led the companions to battle against the darkspawn, while Ser Merlin set darkspawn Burning by casting constant fireball from further away.

Metal clashed violently with metal, Darkspawn fell, and the grey armor of the knights was colored red by the blood. The battle was soon over, and the Wardens and their companions were victorious.
Also Red Dusk was there to do detags

Kings of Metal:
First Warden Ser Vincent Drake
Chamberlain Ser Hired Contractor II
Warden-Commander Ser Kingdom of Circle of Magi (Merlin)
Warden Ser Blight-Bane

Regions Defended with superior, American power metal:

City Of Angel
The Mighty Boosh
Red Dead Redemption 2
Iron Dawn
The Union Of Nations

Regions cleaned from taint while headbanging to Manowar:
Romecantius Realm
Micronations Triangle
South Pacific Gyre

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