In Peace, Vigilance

Written by Tim-Opolis

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Even In These Quiet Times, We Are Watching

Warden Commander's Journal - 1st of Parvulis

"In Peace, Vigilance" might sound good on paper, but goddamn is it boring. Clean-up patrol after clean-up patrol after clean-up patrol. With Summer's Lull driving most Darkspawn back into the Deep Roads, and many Wardens to more pressing matters such as feasting and merriment while they have time, those remaining trudge through charred village after charred village. While we restore what we can, it's a truly dreary existence. At least the Wardens in the great cities are able to feed themselves at large and sink into comfortable beds, while those of us on the ground get excited when we catch a damn rabbit for dinner.

Today we cleaned out twenty villages, helping the civilians restore normal life as best as we could. There really isn't much left for these people in the backwaters of Ferelden, where supplies are scarce and local leadership has all but died out. Those who remain are typically quiet hermits, going about the day and dealing with the few issues that they might have to answer to. Largely we simply clean out the corpses, tear down what traces of darkspawn that we can, and clear out. As we were heading over to support a local garrison at Christs Church, we were able to intercept a band of roaming bandits that was angling for a small raid. At least that offered some excitement for the day, but I doubt it'll get the smell of charred villager out of my lungs. Bandits aren't why we're here anyway, and the longer we go without seeing darkspawn the more we wonder why we continue to patrol these outer lands.

Warden Commander's Journal - 2nd of Parvulis

Finally, a reported Darkspawn sighting! I know we shouldn't be thrilled at their presence, given the danger they face to the people out in these parts, but it's a great feeling to be able to actually do the job you enlisted to do. You don't join the Grey Wardens to deal with bandits and clean-up duty, but to fight the great fight against an enemy that threatens to ruin this world. That is why we take the oath, why we fight relentlessly until we hear our Calling, and even then descend into the Deep Roads to end as many Darkspawn as we can before our time to meet The Maker comes. Twice the patrols today came across the enemy; first in a small number and later then under a larger force. While we suspect the initial forray was a scouting party, high winds and storms obstructed visibility and speed on this night. The three villages we were able to get to, however, were successfully defended from the darkspawn forces.

Thankfully, the next day's events almost certainly confirmed our theories as the Darkspawn once again re-materialized in the form of a band of Shrieks tearing across the Wastes. In what was a brief yet thrilling battle, with the majority of villages and regions that they attempted to enter being protected from their onslaught. While a few slipped through, the blades of Wardens flashed across the battlefield as our foes fell and rapidly retreated back to their underground lairs. Ten more Darkspawn targets were protected, and on our way back to the camp we quickly cleaned up three more camps of survivors from a past Genlock patrol.

Warden Commander's Journal - 3rd of Parvulis

Slow day today. The night patrol caught a couple bandits on their way to the usual support in Christ Church, but it was ultimately a pretty quiet affair. I managed to find an abandoned camp with a stash of Rum that we passed around the campfire, which raised spirits significantly. Blightbane clames he heard Haku even break into song at one point, but I'll believe it when I hear it with my my own two years. It certainly was a festive attitude, however, still in high spirits from the past battles.

Weisshaupt sent us a new recruit as well; a passionate foreigner new to Ferelden. We took him on the mid-day patrol, where we were clearing out a small occupation problem, and he showed some promise. We'll certainly need to work on his timing and bladework, but there's a chance for a solid Warden to be born from his experiences. Time will tell what occurs once he gathers his first vial of Darkspawn blood, and if the Joining is to go well for him. It was good to keep up to speed, however, and put in another good shift on the battlefield. So much time in the cities made me a bit out of shape.

Easter Egg Find: I stuffed this report full of a ton of references to ongoings and events from during update. If you can find them all I'll give you some NS Silver.

In War, Victory.
In Peace, Vigilance.
In Death, Sacrifice

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