New First Warden

Good morning, gameplay!

Due to my great PR acumen and finely tuned sensibilities, I have now been appointed by the Order of the Grey Wardens to serve as its official ambassador to the NationStates gameplay forum. Hi!

And now that I'm here, I have some announcements to make!

New First Warden!

We have a new First Warden! With Vincent Drake going off to chase Kyogres and Rayquazas rather than raiders, we needed a new person to be the face of the Order. As usual, the Commanders Chambers engaged in the usual process of picking a new First Warden involving musical chairs, duck duck goose, alcohol, and frequent trips to the golf club we built outside of our favorite salt mine. Candidates in the running were Tim, Merlin, Roavin, Onderkelkia (because Tim logged into the wrong Discord account tbf), Curious Observations (because I deliberately logged into the "wrong" Discord account), and HC. After months of deliberation, it was decided that Hired Contractor (now rebranded as Haku) won the spot, and has now taken the spot of primary target of defender blaming on Gameplay. Congratulations!

We're the best at flags too!

We noticed that there is a flag contest hosted by The Black Hawks. The requirements are simple:

Ever-Wandering Souls Wrote:To be a valid TBH flag entry, the flag must either contain:
a) At least 3/4 elements of a standard TBH flag, or
b) 2/4 elements and be submitted with the worst joke you know.
The 4 elements are: something vaguely globe-like, some sort of weapon, something bird-like, and the classic side-bars

Our Media department got to work and produced this piece of art worthy of being hung alongside any work of Da Vinci:

[Image: 5awxqux.jpg]

This entry is so great it doesn't simply meet the minimum requirements, it meets all the requirements.
  • "something vaguely globe-like": We included Earth, where we live. And yes, I mean the planet, before anybody gets negative flashbacks (see, told you I have finely tuned sensibilities).
  • "some sort of weapon": We included the Avenger sword from Dragons Age, with an NSBreeze++ inlay. Truly the greatest weapon.
  • "something bird-like": The Wardens Griffon should do the trick. Much better than a Hawk for sure.
  • "the classic side-bars": I guess Hawks like watching old 4:3 movies on a widescreen or something but whatever, we included it.

Furthermore, the flag is formatted in such a way that it can be flown as the largest possible nation flag on NationStates (see this very nation), and last but not least, by being a TBH flag, it inherently includes the worst joke we know.

Oh btw we can win too (surprising exactly noone)

This last major update, three Wardens and a good friend set out to chase Lily. It was a fun update with voice chat and chasing, with another fun voice chat session post update, involving good feeling and congratulations all around for a job well done by both Lily and TGW, all in the spirit of good sportsmanship. Oh also we racked up 23 wins against Lily despite NationStates having some ridiculous spikes of slowness.

Wardens involved:
First Warden Haku
Chamberlain Vincent Drake
Warden Warden Roavin

Friends involved:
[TITO] Twobagger


In War, Victory. In Peace, Vigilance. In Death, Sacrifice.

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