Vinny the Pooh

This report is a reference to unexpected happenings in voice chat caused by the joining of Roavin's daughter. Please pardon my lack of knowledge about the subject.

[Image: Z8KqcXr.png]

Much like how Winnie the Pooh loves honey, Vinny the Pooh loves chasing.

On the spooky, spooky night of Friday the 13th, the gang from Libcord noticed The Black Hawks setting 40 triggers, a low stamina raid as usual, but a raid nonetheless. Naturally, our very own Vinny the Pooh, who much like how Winnie the Pooh loves honey, deeply loves chasing and defending. The Black Hawks decided that the sight of Vinny the Pooh was too much to handle and decided to skip raiding for the night out of fear, leaving Vinny the Pooh in tears as he now had nothing to chase.

However, our pals from Lily and some random noob raiders decided to provide entertainment for Vinny the Pooh and the rest of the Libcord team. In another fun Libcord-Lily joint voice chat, we chatted throughout update and for awhile after update in some good fun and ended up getting 40 defences, almost breaking our chase defence record that we set only two months ago.


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