Draft: Commend Haku

Quote:The Security Council,

Recognizing Haku's herculean contributions to the protection and wellbeing of vulnerable regions across the world as a steadfast and irreplaceable pillar of the defender sphere.

Acknowledging that Haku began its military career as Hired Contractor; a member of various invader organizations, before seeing the error in its ways and taking a stand to shield the helpless from harm. Haku's reformation can be succinctly demonstrated by an inspection of its puppet nation Time Freeze, which used influence initially gathered during an invader operation to assist defender allies in the secure refounding of Iran for that region's native populace.

Noting the years-long career of Haku in The Order of the Grey Wardens, where it has served continuously in multiple high command positions, including as First Warden; the leader of the order.

Impressed by the vast technological contributions Haku has made both to The Order of the Grey Wardens, and to the wider defender sphere. These contributions include but are not limited to advanced recruitment technology, a new regional forum for the Wardens, a new archive of regional World Factbook Entries to replace the defunct archive created by the commended nation Eluvatar, and Riordan; a machine that assists with and automates certain vital defender communications.

That's all I have off the top of my head, obviously the main body is going to be an absolutely phat stack of update accomplishments. I'm open to all suggestions including that it's shit and I should scrap it and start from the top. More clauses, which ops he lead that you think are the most prominent. How to expand the part about TGW, suggest anything that comes to mind.

Could point out the many big raids he has defended against by being the BC RO in them, also a note on his massive amount of defenses should be in my personal opinion pointed out.

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