These Detags Sponsored By Raiders

[Image: WNFHd8U.png]

This will be the third time this image has been used in this topic!

Hi everyone, this is yet another report from the most active military organization. It has been made explicitly clear to us that the standards for what warrants a gameplay report have recently declined and that is the reason for this post.

This means that you get to hear about how we did 7 detags! Yippee!

What you probably didn't expect to hear is that raiders want us to detag their tags because they don't value their puppet preparation time, trigger setting time, and tagging time at all.

Ever-Wandering Souls ;p='34462039 Wrote:Thanks for helping us out [with the detags], y'all. All those WFE's that linked to our old forums were going to have to go when we switch over soon anyways, and now we get to tag clean regions instead of doing dirty retags.

See, even a General of The Black Hawks encourages detagging!

 Therefore, these detags and this report are sponsored by raiders!

You see that beautiful flag up there? Yeah, that's what TBH was putting up over their tagged regions. While it physically hurt us to remove such a beautiful flag from various regions, we decided that we simply could not disappoint our raider friends, especially since they so kindly sponsored this post, and immediately got to detagging.

We are pleased to announce that The Black Hawks continue to remain at a paltry 23 embassies due to the efforts of the Warden detagging team and that's all I have to say on this subject.


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