Another Aramanthine Application

Main Nation Name: Thousand Branches

Current World Assembly nation: Thousand Branches

Are you known by any other names or aliases? If so, please list them here: I am generally now known as Aramantha (my discord username) although as a younger person I was also known as Soup for a long period. With regards to former main nations: Pluvie, Indimu, New Kadershan, Aramantha. None of these are used as main nations anymore, but I believe most or all of them still exist.

What is your main region? (if applicable): I don’t really have one? I suppose it would be here considering I’m applying to become a warden.

What is your Discord username (Name and numbers, I.e Tim#6442): Aramantha#4290

Do you have any previous NationStates military experience, whether it be raider or defender? If so, please expand upon it here: Yep, sure do. I had two relatively short stints with TBH back in 2020 and possibly really early 2021. The exact dates escape me but it was October and December for general times. I also have spent about a month in XKI before leaving the server and TITO for personal reasons. If you’d like me to elaborate on that, I’d be happy to in a more private environment. 

How often are you available during the game's major update at 12 AM EST/EDT?: I’m generally open about twice a week give or take at major. My schedule at the moment is a roller coaster though. 

How often are you available during the game's minor update at 12 PM EST/EDT?: Pretty much the same but probably a little less available for minors because of irl stuff.

Do you play NationStates using a mobile device or a computer?: I use both. I’ve also raided using both in the past and had a relatively easy time with either one. I’m told defending is easier on computer but I never really had a chance to test that out in TITO so idrk? Either way is fine tbh.

Your application has been accepted. Welcome to Weisshaupt Fortress, recruit. Your first step as a new recruit should be to check out our training guides here. Second, you should follow the guide on creating switchers and create 5 of them, while ensuring that they are in Artificial Solar System. You will successfully complete your joining when you earn a vial of Darkspawn blood, which is earned by completing a defensive mission.

Ara has earned their vial of Darkspawn blood in Trovons and has become a full Warden.

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