Excalibur’s return

*thunder crashes in the mountains nearby Weisshaupt Fortress. A hooded figure slides down the side of the peak on a shield, emblazoned with a Purple Griffin and a rapier. Screaming Darkspawn bound after him. Suddenly, he trips over and tears the fabric on his assassin uniform, revealing the rusted chain mail beneath! The Darkspawn reach the lone warden, slobbering over their next meal. As a last ditch effort, the soldier takes out his sword, Excalibur, and slashes in vain at the monsters. Having lost hope, he closes his eyes and prepares for his death, but suddenly, a bright light flashes from his blade, incinerating the Darkspawn and destroying the sword in the process, freeing the Warden formally known as Excalibur from his curse. He gets up, and runs towards the fort.*

Screaming at the portcullis, he says “Let me in! It’s Excalibur. Or, my name used to be that. It’s Yossarian now.”

Do you open the gates, Grea Kriopia?

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