Monument of the Grey Introduction

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The Monument of the Grey 

The Monument of the Grey is intended to celebrate the legacy of the best and brightest Wardens that have contributed to TGW's history and represent the core of our values. Entering the Monument of the Grey to have one's name placed alongside others who have undeniably shaped the organization as seen today is the highest honor offered to a Warden. 

Members include Wardens and Honorary Wardens (those not formally ever a Warden) from any iteration of the organization as nominated by any fellow member of the community.


Residents of the Grey Wardens or non-Wardens can be nominated for the Monument of the Grey at any time. Non-Wardens will become Honorary Wardens if successfully added to the Monument of the Grey.

A nomination must receive at least two endorsements from other residents within one week from the initial nomination to proceed in the voting process.

Upon a nomination receiving the minimum of two endorsements, any member or the member making the nomination can draft an initial description for the nominee's induction to the Monument of the Grey to offer up for feedback. A temporary drafting thread will be opened within the Monument of the Grey subforum as a place of discussion. Discussion on the draft description and potential changes will last until public feedback is satisfied and a motion to move to vote is made and seconded.

Votes will last five days. Nominees require three-fifths (60%) of the votes be favorable to admission in order to be added to the Monument of the Grey.


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